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About Us

Local Colleges


We currently assist Clubs and Sports at Flagler and UNF

Local High Schools


CP&S is proud to assist Bartram, Nease, Ponte Vedra, Episcopal, and a HOST of other high schools in our area

K through 8, Elementary, and Middle Schools


The list is long....   Liberty Pines, Valley Ridge, Freedom Crossing, Palm Valley, Timberlin Creek, Swiss Point, Palmer Catholic, Durbin Creek, and many more.

Our Story

The Little Ma and Pa Print Shoppe

CP&S began with humble, dare we say naive, beginnings.  Started January 1st, 2006, Owner Jamie Crowley "hung the shingle", left a fairly lucrative job by most standards, rented 400 square feet of office space with a laptop and a cell phone, and CP&S began.   Jamie then lit his hair on fire and ran around, asking all and sundry to place their apparel needs with him.

After two years of outsourcing all work, CP&S took control of it's own production and invested in two printing presses and two embroidery machines.

The rest is history involving an economic crash, survival, two moves, more equipment and infrastructure investments, and a thankfully successful business venture to this day.  Jamie no longer lights his hair on fire.

CP&S is a family business.  Owner Jamie Crowley is the proud father of 5 sons, all of whom have worked at the family shop.  His only wife of 22 years, Donyal, thankfully didn't divorce him and inexplicably stuck with him through thick and thin.

Our pressman, Ilia Ylli, fled horrific persecution from his native Albania and emigrated to Italy. From there he emigrated to Jacksonville, FL, USA.  Coincidentally, CP&S was looking to hire it's first pressman when Ilia landed on the shores of the Land of the Free.  Ilia brought a translator to the interview.  He was hired to work for peanuts.  Much to his delight, He's now paid a livable wage and has lived the American dream.  In 2016 he bought his own home.  And his English is pretty damn good now, too.  No greater pride can be found than employing someone who's literally lived the American dream.

Our embroidery technician, Lorelie Reyes, is the mother of three children, and often brings her youngest daughter to work with her.  Did we mention this is a family business?  Lorelie is an expert embroidery tech, an amazing seamstress, and a devoted mother who works hard, juggling domestic duties with our needs at the Little Ma and Pa Print Shoppe.

Our office manager, Janine Bowker, is the proud mother of 3 children.  Without Janine, CP&S wouldn't function.  The Patron Saint of Office Managers, she works for us out of enjoyment (if you can call it that) as she'd command a salary unsustainable were she paid what she's truly worth.  A native of Boston, Massachusetts, we also love her "accent".  And please don't tell her if you're a Yankee fan.

A myriad of local high school students work part time for CP&S, sorting, bagging, handling social media, etc. CP&S always employs upstanding, responsible local kids, many of whom we've seen grow up and become wonderful young adults.

The family and local approach to business at CP&S will never end.

If you're looking for apparel, and didn't graduate from the Dale Carnegie School of Corporate Gobblydeegook, give us a call.  Expect a fun, down-to-earth, "lightly" professional experience.  And most importantly a trustworthy, ethical, hard working company you can rely on.

We'd love to help.  ;0)